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Spending the last couple of weeks rethinking the turn of events that catapult my protagonist into her new life have been rewarding. With the help of family and friends, who have given me new prompts and situations to consider, I have had a wonderful time brainstorming and letting things evolve. And now, I am in the process of weaving the changes into the storyline, into the new world that has been created, which I believe will make the story even better. It's exciting!

Spotted any snow fairies yet in the snowflakes or amongst the icicles?
It's snowing, reminding me of wondrous lands and far-off places. December snow is magical, the perfect time to let one's imagination soar. There's so much enchantment at this time of year.

The mesmerizing snowflakes are drifting with the breezes, alighting on my lawn, flitting through the trees, and fluttering, tumbling, and melting on sidewalks. Ah, me. What a day!

My mind is running a-muck with fairies, wizards, elves, and other magical creatures as I work to fix my manuscript. I can't seem to shut it off, not that I want to particularly, but I do need my sleep every once in a while, and food does come in handy when one wants to stay alive. I am having so much fun revamping. I've never said that before. I really haven't looked forward to this part of the creative process in the past, but I'm happy to say that has changed. Thank goodness, since I have so much to do.

Things are getting much clearer. I'm so excited!

If you check out my other blog, Living By My Pen, you will see why. I am so glad that I found a way to get my creative juices channeled, so I can stay focused on the project.
So, a little bit of a set back. I have a major flaw in my manuscript so I'm going to have to take time off and revamp the first book. I'm grateful to Elizabeth Law for helping me out with solving the problem. She's an awesome editor. It was a pleasure to meet her at the SCBWI Conference last weekend.
Take thirty to forty minutes and relive your childhood dreams. Did you fly with dragons, run with elves, or were you visited in the night by faeries and gnomes, or romp in the forest with talking animals? Did you have an invisible friend only you could see? Have you written about these experiences, explored the imagination of your childhood-self, or tapped into the emotions you felt back then? Try it, it's fun to go back, to relive all those wonderful experiences. Maybe there's a bestseller hidden in the back of your mind. You never know.
Here's a fun exercise that I like to do. You can either absorb things uninterrupted and write them down later, or, do what I do, record the experiences as they happen.

Think of a favorite place you like to go. Close your eyes and try to picture the setting. Are you there? Are you outside, feel the wind, or absence thereof. Are you indoors? What do you see? Are there any smells associated with this place? Can you remember what it's like to touch the things surrounding you? Do you remember tasting anything on the air, the water, or did you eat something while there? What was it? What was the texture? Did you like it, or not? How did you feel while in this place? Did something happen there, or not? Was something absent? Why were you there? Will you go again? If not, why? You get the idea. There are so many more questions you can ask. Now, make sure you record everything in minute detail if you haven't already.

With fantasy, you can take these observations to a different level. Let your imagination run wild. The impossible can happen. Flip things around. Think of different demensions. Can things merge together to create something else? Have fun with it.

I prefer writing in the fantasy/paranormal/sci-fi genres because anything can happen. The worlds that I can create are boundless and I can let my imagination soar. I even find myself giggling as I'm writing, whether it be a scene or a piece of dialogue. The things that come to mind, sometimes, are just so much fun! But what's even more exciting is when others read the material and laugh, cry, or gasp in all the right places.
For those who are interested in Fantasy/Sci-fi and YA/Children's literature there are two conference to think about in the future or if you can hightail it on a plane soon. Check the conferences out at these websites: SCBWI:
and Fantasy/Sci-fi: http://www.worldfantasy2009.

Also, there is an SCBWI conference being held in Salt Lake City, Nov. 13-14. Check out for more info.
Who is your favorite character in the fantasy, paranormal realms? Do you have more than one? If you are like me, I have several.

Is yours Harry Potter, Bella, Frodo?

I say yes to all of the above and more, but I think my most favorite, of course, is Arenthia and Jannell, because I live and breathe them every day of my life. I think, we, as authors all feel this way. We live with our characters 24/7 and love, nurture, and care for them. Some are our very best friends.
Gather music that will inspire you, go with the flow, and create a masterpiece on paper!

Good tip...

Keep a pencil and paper by your bedside. Some of your greatest ideas will come when you are in that wonderful place between sleep and awake.

Even in the fantastical realms you need to be true to the world that you have created. Stick within the parameters you have set up so that you don't confuse your readers.
What fantasy, paranormal, or magical books do you like, and why? Maybe I have read them, or maybe you can tell me why I should.
Since the moment I could make sense of the alphabet, put two words together, form even the smallest sentence, I was intrigued with the written word! Books are my passion, my life's blood. If you were to cut me open, I would probably bleed words and letters.

Never has it been a burden to crack a book. I loved school, loved learning, loved reading. Give me a good mystery, I'm there wide-eyed to the end. Give me a who-done-it, I'm hooked. Give me a heart wrenching romance and I'll sob with the best of them. True stories and biographies, you bet; historical novels, yes; comic books, love them; spy novels, bring them on; but dangle enchanted worlds in my face, let me live in the realms of elves, dwarves, wizards, and other magical creatures--- where anything can happen and anything is possible--- I'm sold for life.

As a child, I was terrified of my own shadow, painfully shy, socially inept. I was frightened of everything and everybody. All of the cliches of social blunder actually happened to me (and just to be honest, continue to do. I'm such a clutz in the interaction department), so it wasn't any wonder I turned to books. They became my best friends.

With books, I can escape the most painful realities, become whomever I want to be, and venture to the most wonderous places.

Books have been an amazing gift in my life. There have been so many characters I have identified with over the years. I have cried, laughed (even snorted, hiccuped, and belly-gut-hurt over), shook my head, shouted, and stomped my foot at. Some characters taught me to be courageous, some taught me empathy, many have taught me to laugh at myself, and still others have taught me that it's okay to be me.

So, it is my fondest wish that in some small measure the characters in my books will do the same for others.

***So why are you drawn to fantastical books, paranormal, magic, and enchantment?